Date Published: 
July 11, 2024

Original Audiences versus Advantage+ Audiences on Meta Ads: Which Should You Use?

Find out when to apply every technique for best audience targeting and ad performance.

Over the past few years, the methods of Meta ad targeting and audience choosing have changed drastically. Usually against their will, advertisers have been progressively driven from audience expansion to total algorithmic targeting. Still, there are good reasons these modifications were required—even if they meant sacrificing advertiser control.

Data Privacy: Regulatory Pressure

One important issue was Meta's regulatory pressure on the use of targeting different groups to control elections or discriminate. Furthermore, changes in permitted monitoring techniques brought about by data privacy issues led to a loss of accurate information utilized for targeting. Meta has also made significant investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, so it could be more successful in automatically locating your perfect audience than in human attempts.

The Change to Advantage+ Audiences

Advertisers have alternatives today. Although Original Audiences are another option, Advantage+ Audience is the default audience choosing approach within Meta Ads. Effective marketing campaigns depend on knowing when to apply each technique

Leveraging Meta's AI and Machine Learning

Advantage+ Audience maximizes ad distribution depending on the intended performance goal. It operates as follows:

Audience Controls offer little limitations on who can view your adverts. People outside of your designated sites, minimum age, languages, or excluded custom audiences will not be served ads. There is no limitation for maximum age or gender, though; adverts will be broadcast to everyone most likely to carry out your intended purpose.

Though not necessary, your inputs are Audience Suggestions. Custom audiences, lookalike audiences, age range, gender, and thorough targeting might all be among these recommendations. If someone outside of these recommendations is likely to take the intended action, ads can be presented to them.

Meta gives your audience's recommendations first priority before broadening to a larger audience. In the end, based on the performance target, the algorithm will show your advertisement to everyone most likely to follow the intended action.

The Dynamics of Original Audiences

Original Audiences allow more control over targeting compared to Advantage+ Audience. However, it doesn’t offer the same level of automation and optimization.

Meta will not show your Facebook and Instagram ads to anyone outside of your designated sites, age range, gender, exclusions (custom audience or deep targeting), or languages.

Advertisers can give detailed targeting, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences. These parameters provide greater exact control over who views your adverts.

Original Audiences let Meta occasionally target outside of your chosen detailed targeting or lookalike audiences. Depending on the Ads Manager version, this can be turned off in certain but not always circumstances.

When to Use Advantage+ Audience

Advantage+ Audience uses algorithmic targeting to find the least expensive, most requested behaviors. You should apply this when:

Regarding purchasing optimization: The method emphasizes on obtaining for you the most purchases at the lowest possible cost. If greater value is desired, you can maximize for Value rather instead.

Regarding maximizing for other kinds of conversions: Although quality is something to keep an eye on, Advantage+ Audience can help lead campaigns operate successfully. If quality is a priority, instead evaluate your lead forms or streamline for Conversion Leads.

When to Use Original Audiences

Original Audiences are more under control, hence they fit the following situations:

Top of Funnel Optimization: Use Original Audiences if you maximize for link clicks, landing page views, post engagement, or other top-of-funnels behaviors. These steps might not always produce excellent leads, and Advantage+ Audience can aggravate this problem.

Remarketing: Original Audiences is the approach to employ if you wish to run ads limited to those inside a custom audience. If you have a special message for a particular group, this is absolutely essential.

In Essence

Effective ad campaigns on Meta depend on an awareness of the variations between Advantage+ Audience and Original Audience. Often with reduced expenses, Advantage+ Audience uses sophisticated algorithmic targeting to maximize for desired actions. But Original Audiences give more control, which qualifies for remarketing and top-of-funnel optimization.

Developing a more successful digital marketing plan requires testing with both approaches and knowing their advantages and shortcomings. Base your decisions always on performance statistics and facts instead of presumptions.

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